What We Do

We Accelerate Business Transformations through our extensive experience, industry insight,  focused application, pragmatism and results focused best practice delivery 

Business Transformation

We deliver through :

Business strategy alignment and business improvement initiatives, with effective sustained change and measurable benefit delivery.

Working strategically with business leaders, management and business teams to deliver measurable results and higher performance through effective interventions.

Our holistic approach to transformation and business change delivered by operating at the most powerful point of intervention in the system.

Interim Executives to manage and deliver programmes.

Transformation & Business Alignment

We work with organisations on their business transformation programmes helping to deliver their target outcomes and key measures aligned with their business strategy.

Business Process Improvement & Change

We work with our clients to define business improvements, business process changes, target operating models, organisational structures and the management capabilities required to deliver strategic and operational outcomes.

Point of Transition

All organisations reach a Point of Transition at some point in their development.  We work with organisations as they approach, analyse and navigate these business cycle changes, and as they initiate transitions – large and small.

Points of Transition

  • Performance, revenue, profit is not where it needs to be
  • New leadership, leadership team
  • A significant organisational, market change or shift
  • New organisation, target operating model required
  • An acquisition, merger, divestment or structural change

Digital Transformation & Digital Thought Leadership

  • We develop, design and implement digital transformations and help clients navigate the digital landscape
  • The digital world is changing, and has changed, the way that businesses and individuals communicate, operate and network. This impacts how businesses market, sell and collaborate, and the way that individuals consume, communicate and interact with the world.
  • We work with our clients to help and guide them through the impact and opportunities created by these fundamental business and individual changes in the way we work, play and interact with the world

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Navigating Key Digital Transformation trends : 

  • Customer experience is largely shaped by digital technology
  • Digital technologies provide access to customer profiles and the ability to make meaning from their digital footprints
  • Digital experience expectations are shaped by the technology that pervades our personal lives
  • Marketing is becoming increasingly digital and data-driven, enabled by collecting, analysing and strategically activating transactional data and interactional data gleaned from the social Web

Collaboration between and within businesses:  

  • Virtual collaboration has the potential to upend much of what we know about how businesses operates, driving dramatic, sustained change. In reality, virtual collaboration introduces evolution as a force within the enterprise. 

We work with our clients to help them plan and optimise digital transformation opportunities :  

  • Changes in consumer behaviours are shifting as digitally-enabled consumers throughout the world shake up business models, value chains and ecosystems
  • Waves of new technologies are rapidly emerging, disrupting every conventional business notion
  • The digital transformation agenda introduces some unforeseen challenges, in the form of new investments, organisational structures, internal skills, change management, and roles and responsibilities for companies
  • “Digital” equates to growth. Improving new products and services, increasing revenue and improving sales, new customers, marketing and customer relations are the top three goals for digital transformation
  • Companies are more likely to be disrupted by poor integration across processes than by competitors or customers, with the sales/marketing/customer service process the most impacted by digital transformation
  • Managing the migration from point-to-point communication to collaborative communication and handling the changing day-to-day operational culture, which impacts transformative change
  • How businesses need to rewire their technology foundations and rethink their process models to bring the dynamic, real-time collaboration and engagement that consumers expect

Leadership & Management Development

Working with Executive Boards & Leadership Teams to develop their leadership and management skills to be effective leaders

Design, development and delivery of  bespoke Leadership & Management development programmes creating highly effective and capable teams.

Coaching and development of leaders to high levels of management effectiveness,  providing them with the capabilities to develop and grow their own teams

Bespoke development programmes to meet the specific leadership and management capabilities required by each  client and situation.

Programmes typically cover a range of  capabilities and skills which are designed and delivered against each clients particular needs.

Typical components covered by our Leadership and Management Development Programmes include :

– Personal Impact & Effectiveness
– Leadership Styles
– Prioritisation
– Self Awareness
– Embracing change
– Adapting to cultural differences
– Thinking and acting systemically

Management Consultancy & Change Management Programmes

  • We work with our clients to plan and deliver a range of management consultancy programmes, assignments and change management programmes
  • These programmes can be part of an integrated programme of transformational change, or they can be individual projects

Programmes & Assignments include: 

  • Business Improvement programmes covering business process change, systems and people/organisational change 
  • Design and delivery of change programmes with a focus on benefit/ROI achievement, measurable and sustainable change 
  • Operational improvement, supply chain improvement and optimisation programmes, CTS (cost to serve) initiatives
  • Managing “change” into organisations to affect a smooth, simple transition covering – organisational change, skills/capability uplift, leadership and management skills

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Business Improvement & Managing Change :

  • We know that investment in business and technology improvement programmes provide business opportunities as well as business risk
  • We have a full range of business transformation and business improvement capabilities to ensure that our clients investments deliver the business change, improvements and benefits that they have defined. We work with our clients to plan, measure and capture the ROI and returns that the business needs.
  • We provide services covering business process design, programme portfolio optimisation, change assessment and business readiness, change adoption maturity assessments to enable our clients to plan and manage change
  • We work with our clients to help define the business improvements and changes to the business processes and organisational models required to deliver the full value of the investment

Leadership & Business Alignment :

  • We work with our clients Leadership team to align the programmes and their investments with the business strategy and goals, to define the business benefits from the investment and confirm how these will be measured.  We ensure the leadership team have the appropriate governance structure and processes in place to be successful.
  • We help our clients assess the Business Readiness for changes to be delivered and managed into the business and help put in the place the necessary communication and engagement processes to prepare the business
  • Business and change programmes provide opportunities to improve how businesses operate and their effectiveness. We work with clients to define the improvement opportunities and help implement them effectively alongside other changes – organisational, structural or technology. 

Business Process Improvements

  • We work with our clients to define business process improvements bringing experience and best practice and practical expertise on how to implement and deliver benefits
  • Through workshops with our clients business teams we define how they can optimise the improvement opportunities and utilise technology changes to capture these benefits

Change Management

  • Business & technology changes typically impact the organisation in terms of the skills, capabilities and effective management of change required to capture improvements and effectiveness gains.  Successfully implementing business and management changes requires planning, engagement and communication throughout the business and management levels. 
  • We work with our clients to deliver the changes effectively and help manage the business process improvement, management and technology changes into their businesses so they are effective and sustained

Implementing Change & Training. 

  • We work with our clients to determine the capabilities, skills and management needs that are required as a result of the change or programme impact and plan how these are implemented
  • Making business changes effective and securing the business benefits typically requires additional skills, capabilities and leadership as a transition to “Business as Usual” (BAU). We work with our clients teams to develop and train them to acquire the skills and capabilities to optimise their investment


  • Where programmes are part of a transformation initiative or are linked with other programmes within our clients business we work with them to ensure that the necessary Programme Management Office (PMO) capabilities are in place
  • In large programmes PMO governance covering – resources, budgets, capabilities, timetabling, benefit realisation, risk management is key to successful implementation and ROI. We work with our clients to ensure their programmes are implemented effectively and deliver the returns that are targeted.

Revenue Generation & Sales Effectiveness

  • We work with our clients to design, develop and implement revenue generation programmes and sales effectiveness initiatives for Sales, Account Management and Commercial teams
  • We design and deliver bespoke sales effectiveness programmes to help our clients grow their businesses
  • Revenue generation and sales effectiveness are critical components of a successful business model for all businesses
  • Ensuring that Revenue Generation & Sales Effectiveness capabilities and processes meet and deliver targets against changing needs and requirements is key to sustaining growth

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  • We deliver Revenue Generation and Sales Effectiveness initiatives and programmes, with clear metrics for measuring performance shifts and ROI
  • We work with our clients major account teams to develop their effectiveness skills in managing and developing major accounts
  • Our “TELOS” Programme is an Executive Board simulation with real-life board executives for developing senior account managers, sales executives and leadership teams
  • We develop Customer Service Effectiveness programmes as a key component of business and revenue generation – customer service being an important differentiator in many commodity markets
  • Managing and coaching sales and commercial teams is critical to achieving high performance levels and to the development of these skills. We provide the Coaching and team development skills for Sales and Commercial Teams 
  • This is particularly true as the business landscape goes through periods of rapid change, such as the fundamental changes driven by the digital revolution
  • These landscape changes drive and impact the way that consumers and customers interact with businesses, buy goods and services